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Event promotion online – Here you can post details of your event.

Promote event services – Advertise the event services you provide.

Advertise event venues – Promote the event venues you manage.


Promote your event online.

This site to gives events organizers tools for promoting their event online. We have a posting so you can create a event advert. Fill your listing with details of your event and who to contact any other relevant information.

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Latest News

Clearing data

Clearing data

Clearing of accounts and old events has been done. We are unable to restore any old accounts or any old data. The data deleted is accounts which have no active events or active listings. Please feel free to create a new account and add any [Read More...]
Event Contact Form

Event Contact Form

A way of collecting the contact details of someone interested in your event. A person may wish to know something particular or require additional information. This form allows the facility to record the details that could be a ‘bounced’ customer. We have been testing a new facility for incorporating a contact form on the event and are now happy to release it to be used. This service is new and is for selected event postings and paid [Read More...]
SEO Event promotion

SEO Event promotion

How to improve SEO Event promotion The location, demographics, scale, promotion and management all require careful consideration. The promotion of every event is also unique to that event. Here we look at one aspect of the promotion of a upcoming event. One common promotional thread runs through almost every event – that’s SEO Event Promotion otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. One way to attracting the right people to [Read More...]

Pomote you event services online.

If you are a event company that provides services. Maybe you have event space which can be hired. This is a great place to post your event services and event venues. Fill your listing with details of your event services and any other relevant information.

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