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Free event advert

Free Event Avertisement

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We recognize that not everybody has  deep pocket to advertise and promote your event. That’s why we have developed a way to self post an advert that you can list here for free.

Below is some tips on how to use this facility and get the most out of your free event advert.


Select where the type of event you are holding and the location if you are in the UK.


Make your title something meaningful and SEO friendly


Make your description interesting and use a variety of HTML tags correctly.

Make the first line a Heading 1 (<h1>).

Make the second line a heading 2  (<h2>)

Then describe your event as a paragraph (<p>). When describing your event if you can use other headings <h3> with more information and split your information much like a book title, contents, words etc.


Next we look at images. One image is essential as you get up to 5/6 images they become less of a importance to search engines so try and get to 3 images if you can.


Search engines like to see there own applications being used. So when doing the location search in the search box try and use the drop down box which pinpoints the event location. Using the search results by google will enhance this part of the location submission part.

Event details

Here you can add the Date, start-time, end-time.

Register (Tickets)

This is the where you can input information and links about how the customer can purchase tickets for the event you are posting.

The event contact information

This is displayed at the top of advert posting. You can put your website, email and social media links.

If you have a ticket vendor we will try to list the tickets. To be clear we do not actually sell tickets at the moment.


Often overlooked but search engines love the use of video to enhance the user experience so if you have a video on YouTube for example you can grap the code and put it here it will then show up as a tab.

Organization information

This can include a logo and contact details of the organizer.

Additional features

If you wish to have your advert featured on the homepage this is a option for you but this is an additional optional extra.

All we ask is that you do something for us.

Ideally we would like a link to our page or like us on facebook, or perhaps if you are a blogger on a chat area would you mention us.